This is the perfect dish for fall! Whether you are doing a beer tasting at home, sitting by the fire or just wanting to tap into the flavors of Bavaria, this easy dish will become a staple in your home! You can sear the Bratwurst with a pressure cooker andContinue Reading

Along with probably half the country, my resolution for this new year is to get healthy! So I have been scouring recipes to find something I love. Since I am a huge lover of Pampered Chef, I pulled one of their delicious recipes as the first one for me toContinue Reading

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Cooking and trying new recipes is an ever-expanding realm. Whether it’s trying exotic vegetables, working with new spices, or simply putting together an entire dish you’ve never even tried before, it all comes down to trial and error.  One seasoning you may have never used is black salt. Here’s whatContinue Reading

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Celebrating harvest and everything mother Earth has to offer us is both fun and fulfilling. Giving thanks and showing appreciation and gratitude for our land and its bounty is important while also feeling great. With this recipe, it’s easy to fill both your heart and your belly. Read below toContinue Reading