This is the perfect dish for fall! Whether you are doing a beer tasting at home, sitting by the fire or just wanting to tap into the flavors of Bavaria, this easy dish will become a staple in your home! You can sear the Bratwurst with a pressure cooker andContinue Reading

In August, we celebrate the First Harvest.  This is generally the Wheat harvest, so making bread is traditional this time of year.  I don’t know about you, but I dislike the kneading part of bread making. I  love this recipe because it saves the day! There is no kneading necessary,Continue Reading

Calcite is one of my favorite crystals. Why do you ask? They have amazingly supportive energy, thanks to all that fantastic water element it houses! People of all ages can also use it. And when it comes to chakras, it works in deep alignment with the energy and chakra systemContinue Reading

Salt is a kitchen staple. Most of us have salt at home, in our kitchens, and those of us who are very dedicated to flavor have them in our desk drawer! Typically when we think of salt, we think of either sea salt or iodized salt. However, there are manyContinue Reading