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‘Tis the Season for Leftovers!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in November and just about a week away from Thanksgiving. Yet, while the time has flown by this…

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Let’s Get our Psychic on!

Every Tuesday, we have an Instagram live sale at 3 PM. This is the video from that Instagram Live Sale, and you can shop from…

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Calcite – Your new Bestie

Calcite is one of my favorite crystals. Why do you ask? They have amazingly supportive energy, thanks to all that fantastic water element it houses! …

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The Best Recipe to try Black Salt

Cooking and trying new recipes is an ever-expanding realm. Whether it’s trying exotic vegetables, working with new spices, or simply putting together an entire dish…

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Chocolate Hazelnut and Espresso Salt Cookies

A Dash of Espresso Salt, may not seem like much but trust me when I tell you that this pinch of flavor packs a punch!…

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Looking for Salt? We got you!

Salt is a kitchen staple. Most of us have salt at home, in our kitchens, and those of us who are very dedicated to flavor…

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