Balancing the Divine Masculine

Summer has finally arrived and made its mark (those 90°+ days can be brutal!). But the heat also brings blessings, including beach fun, bonfires, and connecting with the Divine Masculine. Some may say, “Oh no – I don’t want any of that!” but the fact is that it’s already a part of you. We all have the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us. Although often associated with gender, it is so much more than that. The balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us dictates how productive, compassionate, understanding, and confident we are. Both rule different parts of our energies, and when they are out of balance, it can cause some havoc! Since we are so close to the solstice, let’s talk about the Divine Masculine.

Divine Masculine Diploma Course - Centre of ExcellenceThe Divine masculine (DM) is the active part of us. It generally is what helps us to make decisions and take action. So what does that actually mean? First, let’s look at some traits that the DM helps us in our daily lives:

  • Balanced: Assertive, Courageous, Confident
    Unbalanced: Insecure, Cowardly, Undecisive
  • Balanced: Disciplined, Protective, Risk-Taker
    Unbalanced: Impulsive, Abuser, Narrow-Minded
  •  Balanced: Objective, Logical, Analytical
    Unbalanced: Prejudiced, irrational, Chaotic
  • Balanced: Healthy Boundaries, Warrior, Survival
    Unbalanced: Co-dependency, Betrayer, Freeloader

There are things in life that can cause us to become unbalanced. Someone who always seems to get the short ends of the stick, trauma, abuse, being overworked, being emotionally overwhelmed, etc. When out of balance, the DM tends to act out against others. It wants to control those around them and at times inflict the same pain they are feeling. This can lead to very destructive behaviors not just for yourself but for those you care about.

Balancing the DM can sometimes mean waking it up. For example, those who have been in abusive situations will generally suppress the DM for the sake of survival. Waking up their DM requires a good therapist and begin to connect with your sense of self. For example, setting boundaries, not taking action out of fear but thinking things through, and being objective can help. This means connecting with and balancing your Solar Plexus chakra, which rules over all of these traits.

sweatsnervously - Tumblr blog | TumgirCrystals that help you connect

There are quite a few crystals that help you connect with both the Divine Masculine and the Solar Plexus. We are going to talk about three of them here:

  1. Sunstone: an igneous rock (Connected with Fire and Earth energies), which has captured our imagination for centuries. The sparkles you see are from copper inclusions that glitter as the Sun hits them. It connects with the lower chakras, boosts self-confidence, and is a fantastic crystal for all types of inner work. It helps you discover the core of who you are and start taking steps to feel comfortable in your identity. It also aids in making changes and easing transitions.  
  2. Citrine: A yellow variety of Quartz (one of the most abundant minerals on our planet) gets its yellowish tone due to traces of Iron. Depending on the content, it can range from light yellow to a reddish-orange color. Citrine has a similar composition to Amethyst. The only difference is that it has been heat-treated (either naturally in the earth or by human intervention). This crystal is strongly associated with manifestation and opening of pathways. It is also a crystal of prosperity and abundance that supports not just yourself but also those around you. This crystal boosts creativity and is often used by those in artistic pursuits. In energy healing, it can be used as a purification crystal. It connects to the solar plexus to help you see the truth of who you are and find the beauty in that (it also pairs wonderfully with Sunstone!)
  3. Yellow Jasper: An opaque variety of Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz). This highly protective stone shares the manifestation and road opening qualities of citrine. It helps to balance yourself and to create healthy boundaries. It is an excellent crystal for Inner work, helping you discover your own gifts, connect with your family, ancestral line, and find your life’s purpose. This is an excellent crystal if you are working to improve your self-confidence and protect your already completed inner work. Its protective energy is also very gentle, so it’s ideal even for those dealing with emotional trauma.

Why Do Some People Say Marigold Tea Is Not Safe? - LasteaHerbs that can help you connect

Herbs that connect with the Sun are any that have yellow flowers or yellow leaves. The yellow captures the pure joy of the Sun energy and is incredibly uplifting! 

  1. Chamomile: This herb is often used for insomnia but has other unique properties, including helping with gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, and hay fever. A strong infusion of Chamomile works wonderfully to clear up ear mites in dogs. Chamomile tea can be enjoyed both hot or iced (add a little fresh mint to iced chamomile tea – you’ll thank me later!). Drink Chamomile tea to stimulate your Solar plexus chakra!
  2. Bay Leaf: Bay leaves are known for cooking worldwide. They have a robust and unique flavor that has been an integral part of Italian cuisine for centuries. A single Bay leaf is an excellent way to smoke cleanse your meditation space before doing any work for connecting with the DM or your solar plexus chakra. You can also write your goals on a Bay leaf, blow it, and burn it as a way to manifest your dreams!
  3. Calendula: This herb is excellent for your skin! Take a bath with Calendula flowers to treat your skin to replenish its natural defenses and oils. You can also bring the energy of pure sunshine by bringing a beautiful pot of Marigold flowers to your common spaces in your home! Use the shape and color of the flowers to connect with the Sun and its energies!

(Be sure to contact your physician before taking any herbs internally. This is information is for educational purposes only and not intended to be used for medical advice and diagnostics)

Take advantage of this month’s Sun energy to find balance, self-confidence, and your own inner power!

Apologies to the Divine Masculine - Spiritual awakening for advanced souls