Creating Sacred Space for the Summer Solstice!

As we move into summer, the Sun is slowly starting to rise to its peak, days becoming longer (and hotter). This signifies the coming of the Summer Solstice, Litha or Midsummer, a festival celebrated worldwide. This represents the longest day of the year – as well as the official start of summer (and fun!) This is a holiday of hope and joy as light reigns over the dark, bringing inspiration, creativity, protection, and motivation. 

This year Litha falls on June 24th (I know, it’s odd since it generally falls between the 19th and 22nd), so now is a great time to go ahead and set up your Altar or sacred space for celebration! You need to look no further than Mother Nature for inspiration on creating a space that uplifts and inspires! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and the Sun is blazing high in the sky, encouraging summer shenanigans! So, connect to all aspects of the Sun, and take advantage of the Sun’s energy to motivate you and inspire you to find the most authentic expression of yourself. This only comes by once a year so take full advantage of it while you can.  After a year in quarantine, we can all use some mood-boosting, amazing sun energy to clear out the cobwebs and remember to have fun again!

Creating Your Sacred Space

Mouth sprays that will help you maintain oral hygiene & freshness | Most  Searched Products - Times of IndiaWhether your sacred space is “large and in charge” or something a little smaller, we’ve got tons of ideas and recommendations! Just don’t forget to cleanse your area before you start! 

1) Cleansing your space 

An easy way to start is washing the physical area of your space with some Florida Water. Then, use a washcloth or spray bottle and go to town! 

You can instead choose to use smoke to cleanse your space; that is fine as well. A combination of Sage and Juniper generally does the trick!


Early summer morning sunrise Photograph by David Hauge2) Color Association 

The Colors of the Summer Solstice generally follow a brighter pattern than other festivals (after all, the Sun will not be ignored!). A good rule of thumb is to represent all the colors of the rising Sun. This includes tones of yellows, reds, golds, and even orange. You can also add some bright greens to represent mother earth who will ultimately benefit from all of this incredible energy. These can be incorporated with a nice tapestry, colored candles, artwork, or by adding flowers (Sun Flowers and yellow Mums generally add a nice touch). The Solstice also brings about some pretty explosive creative energy, so lean into it and let your imagination soar. Add your tools to your space, crafts, journals, musical instruments – anything that inspires you – and go to town!

Orange Crystals | Raven Crystals3) Crystals

There are several different crystals we could talk about or recommend, but we will start with the most obvious – Sunstone! Sunstone is one of the many crystals in the Feldspar family, like moonstone, labradorite, etc. It exhibits different flashes as you turn it, as the light hits the copper inclusions. Take it outside and capture some sunlight with it! As it reflects the light of the Sun, let it reflect that same strong, masculine energy within your own home and on your sacred space. Its energy is usually connected to the Sacral Chakra and can help drive you forward during this season. Use Sunstone to connect to the Light and warmth of the Sun and the protective aspects that the Divine Masculine rules over.

If you want a crystal that can be used to harness the masculine energy of the Sun, Citrine is a fantastic option to add. Citrine is a powerful stone that represents prosperity, creativity, and divine masculine energy. You can use this crystal to help you manifest the energies of the Sabbat. Another bonus is that Citrine is one of the best purification crystals there are. The are so many different ways to use it that it will make your head spin!

In general, crystals with strong connections to your Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakras are always great additions to a Sacred Solstice Altar or Space. You can also try these: Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Garnet, or Ruby. 

Sunflower Varieties: Growing for Seeds and Cut Flowers4) Herbs & Plants

Placing herbs and plants in your sacred space is a beautiful way to add a little bit of greenery and life to your area. Midsummer marks the point in which mother earth joins forces with the Sun to bring growth and abundance to crops to be harvested in the fall. All of this work happens during the summer when the world is in balance. So pick some flowers from outside (always approach it with respect and ask for permission before you “pick” them), or buy a bouquet from a local store and add to your space. Cost doesn’t matter. It’s about gratitude and intent! 

You can use Herbs that are associated with the Sun to enhance your experience. Cook with them, add them to your bath, or create a marvelously scented incense! You could even make a little sun symbol using Bay leaves and then use the leaves to leaves to smoke cleanse your space. Save them to use later as the summer slowly continues to move forward to provide a little energetic pick me up when needed!

Other excellent herbs to use during Solstice would be:

  • Orange Peel – try adding some to your favorite tea.
  • Chrysanthemums – to brighten up your home.
  • Marigolds – add them to your bath for a great treat to your skin.
  • Juniper – try Juniper smoke cleansing.
  • Sunflowers – plant them close to your home so you can enjoy them all summer long!
  • Chamomile – this tea can ease you to sleep during hot summer nights (it also tastes great iced!)
  • Cedar – Hug a Cedar tree or try smoke cleansing using Cedar Bundles.
  • Rosemary – Hello, delicious cooking? Oh Yes!

Get out there and enjoy the Solstice!

Sun On Female Hand. Silhouette Arkivvideomateriale (100 % royaltyfritt)  13109906 | Shutterstock