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Tag: Crystals

We love you, Feldspars!

What is a Feldspar, and why do we love them? “Feldspar” is the name of a large group of rock-forming silicate minerals that make up…

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The Healing Power of Opals

Opals are unique crystals prized for their healing ability.  But what is it that we are actually working with? Here is a breakdown of all…

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Are Jade, Nephrite and Serpentine the Same?

As we received a whole new shipment of Serpentine, Nephrite Jade, infinite and even lemon Jade, we did what we always do.  We hit the…

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New Items for February 2018!

It is February already and we have some beautiful new stones for you this month! Pink Dolomite This beautiful stone was discovered in 1791 in…

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The meta-science of Crystals: Celestite!

Since we have just received a huge shipment of this beautiful stone, we wanted to share with you some cool facts about it! Celestite is…

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