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Salt is a kitchen staple. Most of us have salt at home, in our kitchens, and those of us who are very dedicated to flavor have them in our desk drawer! Typically when we think of salt, we think of either sea salt or iodized salt. However, there are many salts and flavors for you to explore that are much more than just plain old kitchen table salt.  And, we carry many of them!

All Natural Sea Salt

Pure Ocean®Sea Salt is all-natural and unrefined. Made white by the sun and sea, the sparkling crystals are collected from the salt ponds, carefully crushed, and screened to size, which generally runs from fine to extra coarse to large chunks.  Ideal for use in various applications, from tabletop and spice blends to food processing, salt mills, and many more applications.  Physically, our body uses salts to balance fluids, so while over-consuming salt is not recommended, using the balanced right amount can aid in good health. Our salt is one of the highest quality on the market.  It is purified while protecting the unique characteristics of each grain. Simple and pure with zero additives, allergens, or anti-caking agents, our salt offers consistent and balanced flavor and texture. We sell this salt in both fine (table ready) or coarse (for grinders).

In Magick, white sea salt is generally considered a purifying agent and can aid in protection and healing. 


Mediterranean, Cyrpus Flake Sea Salt

Cyprus FlakeCyprus Flake Sea Salt is a mild-flavored sea salt most loved for its distinctive, unique appearance. Known for its uncommonly large, hollow pyramid-shaped crystals, this salt has a surprisingly light and fluffy texture and a mild taste. Beautiful as a garnish or finishing salt in foodservice applications, Cyprus offers a quick crunch and flavor burst upfront without lingering or overpowering a dish. In addition, the crunchy crystals make a beautiful finish for desserts, chocolates, and artisan bread. 

In Magick, you can often use this salt for Mediterranean magick involving protection, purification, and healing.



Black Sea Salt, Hiwa Kai

Hiwa KaiA unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt, Hiwa Kai has a stunning black color and silky texture. This all-natural salt offers the same bold flavor and texture as traditional sea salt but with an added beauty and intrigue indicative of gourmet foods. Hiwa Kai is created by combining high-quality sea salt with activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts, resulting in this unusual seasoning with its rich, dark color & hard, granular texture. Hiwa Kai is famous for the foodservice industry as a stunning garnish to dishes.  The charcoal complements the natural sea salt flavor, giving it a bold and unique taste with smoky overtones while also promoting detoxifying health benefits and can be substituted for regular salt during an overall body detox course.  Our coarse black salt is meant for use in salt grinders.

In Magick, Black Salt is used in all types of banishing and uncrossing magick.  You can also use it for heady duty grounding of energy directed at you.


Pink Himalayan Salt

Ancient Ocean® Our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a full-flavored, all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. It is a full-flavored, all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains.  Our Pink Himalayan salt is carefully sourced from FDA-registered suppliers, guaranteed authentic, and ethically mined.  Our supplier then processes it in their state-of-the-art cleaning facility to remove any unwanted debris and ensure purity.  Our Himalayan salt is never heated or refined; there are no additives of any kind, simply the highest quality & most delicious unadulterated Himalayan pink salt possible. Our coarse Himalayan pink salt is meant for use in salt grinders.

While Himalayan pink salt can contain minerals that table salt does not, these minerals exist only in small quantities. Scientists don’t believe that the amount of additional minerals in Himalayan pink salt is large enough to make a significant difference in your diet. However, it does have the same benefits that regular salt does. Many believe that salt therapy, which involves inhaling air infused with salt, is beneficial for respiratory conditions. Scientists have found statistically significant improvement in questionnaires given to respondents with COPD who used a dry salt inhaler.

Although more research is needed here, salt is believed to have several beneficial effects for various skin conditions like eczema, but this may also depend on where it’s sourced. The National Eczema Association recommends adding a cup of pure salt (with no additives or caking ingredients) salt to bathwater as a relief for eczema flare-ups.  Salt is also necessary for maintaining adequate and balanced hydration levels in the body. Getting enough salt, especially before or after vigorous exercise, is needed to prevent dehydration caused by lost water and salt, a condition called hyponatremia.

In Magick, you can use pink Himalayan salt to purify an area (hence why a Salt lamp is so often used for this purpose).  It can also purify and cleanse crystals for you (use a salt plate!)

Red Hawaiian Salt, Alaea

AlaeaAn all-natural, red Hawaiian-style sea salt with undeniable gourmet flair offers an exotic touch to fine foods. Traditionally used for its moisture-retaining and flavor-enhancing properties, this pacific sea salt and purified red alae clay from the island of Kauai. Beautiful in color with full flavor and rigid crystals, Alaea holds its own in hearty, juicy, or saucy dishes. The added native alae clay helps seal in moisture and makes this an ideal choice for roasting meats. Native Hawaiian dishes use Hawaiian salts like Kalua Pig, Hawaiian Jerky (pipikaula), and Poke. This salt is often used as a finishing salt for everything from stews to desserts like eggs, salads, or desserts and used as a food preservative for fish, beef, and pork because of its mellow and almost sweet taste. It is also commonly used in bath and beauty products. Our coarse red salt is meant for use in salt grinders.

Traditionally indigenous peoples used red Hawaiian salt to cleanse, purify, bless tools, canoes, homes, temples, and healing rituals for medicinal purposes like treatment for broken bones, bug bites, burns, and other ailments. Hawaiian red salt contains a smoky and earthy flavor and is rich in iron oxide, which has digestible dietary properties.

In Magick, you can use red salt to purify and bless unions of all kinds, including marriages and new relationships.

Espresso Brava Sea Salt

Espresso SaltEspresso Brava Sea Salt is an all-natural combination of solar-evaporated sea salt and fresh roasted Italian espresso beans. Rich & unique, it is excellent for specialty spice blends & grilling rubs. It can be a game-changer in red meat rubs and marinades, enhancing the taste of the burger or steak for melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Espresso Brava also makes a unique topping on desserts and snacks, adding a textural crunch and pop of robust flavor. You will often see this salt used as a topping in salted caramel brownies! Our coarse espresso salt is meant for use in salt grinders.

In magick, this is an excellent addition to protection magick for hearth and home!



Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt

Salish®Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is inspired by centuries of indigenous Pacific Northwest tradition. It is cold smoked for 48 hours over Northwest alder, allowing complete absorption of the natural smoke, making it an intense variety with a fragrant campfire nose. The bark-free, red alder species achieves a flavor balance between sweet and smoky without the risk of bitterness. With no additives, artificial flavors, or anti-caking agents, it’s ideal for those who are clean label-conscious. This variety is an impactful all-natural, authentic alternative to synthetic smoked options. Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is perfect for inclusion in frozen entrées, sauces, and condiments, topping snack foods, and adding natural smoke flavor to spice blends and rubs. Our coarse Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is meant for use in salt grinders.

In Magick, you can use this salt for all types of lower world work, including working with ancestors!


Andes Mountain Salt

Bolivian Rose®Andes Mountain Salt is a great and rare mineral salt. Hand-mined from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, this salt is rich in trace minerals that give each crystal its unique color, ranging from pastel peach tones to yellow-reds and coral shades. This authentic local ingredient can be the star of South American cuisine-inspired dishes with its mild, balanced flavor.  Its color and characteristic flavor, famously more complex than table salt, is derived from the wide range of minerals that make up the salt. It can be used at any time during cooking or as a finishing salt.  Andean Pink Salt is one of a kind. It comes from natural saltwater springs high in the Andes. It’s been harvested there for centuries, and collection methods have changed little in that time. This Pink Salt is cultivated in terraces lining a mountain face, not unlike rice. Water from the springs fills the pools formed in each terrace, and the salt is harvested through evaporation.




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