New Things for April!

We are so thrilled to be able to carry more and more unique items in the shop! This month we have two fantastic items by self-published artists!

A Cauldron full of Tails and Such

By Debra  Sunshine Hillman!

Here are twenty four short “new folk tales,” with folk tale characters like hags, crones, fae, women alone or misunderstood or unhappy, a dreaming girl, and women seeking inspiration. In each short tale the character either finds a new way to see her world and life, or cannot.  Each story suggests a situation and how it might change through thinking in a way that celebrates “woman” and does not see her as a lesser human, subject to traditional lives or prejudices.  A charming collection of imaginative stories, bound to make you reach for your true self in spite of what the world says for you. Written by a woman who has found her niche, helping other women find themselves! Plus the author is local to the Carolinas! We have 4 more signed copies left – so some get yours today!

Animalis Os Fortuna Complete Tarot Deck and Companion Book – Second Edition

By Megan Weber

Allow the animals to speak to you! The vision of the deck was to create a unique view using animals and bones to represent each card. The deck itself has a macabre like hint to it minus any gore and horror. This is a gorgeous set for daily use or a beautiful addition to your collection!

Azúcar Bone Oracle Deck with Companion Book!

By Megan Weber

This deck was created to celebrate life! The deck’s style was inspired by the colorful and festive Day of the Dead and includes cards based on the Wheel of the Year. Draw a card once a day to help mediate and focus your energies or use the Wheel of the Year cards on your sacred space to honor the season!

Come get your copy today!