Lammas Sale
29 Jul 11:00 AM
Until 29 Jul, 07:00 PM 8h

Lammas Sale

Raven Moon Emporium 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29732

 Enjoy 10% off store wide to prepare for Lammas!

Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is typically celebrated on August 1st in the northern hemisphere and marks the beginning of the harvest season. Traditionally, the first sheaths of grain were harvested and the first loaves of bread were baked. The word Lammas actually originates from the terms "loaf mass."

Lughnasadh, celebrated the same day, honors the Celtic God, Lugh, who is considered a master craftsman, a fierce warrior, and a wise king. Lugh is also associated with light, the sun, and justice.

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