Walk-Ins With Raven
Walk-In Availability
14 Feb 01:00 PM
Until 14 Feb, 05:00 PM 4h

Walk-Ins With Raven

Raven Moon Emporium 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Raven will be offering walk-in readings at Raven Moon Emporium today from 1pm to 5pm!

All sessions are 30-minutes long and $65

Sessions are first come, first served and subject to availability.

Check out Raven's Offerings:

Animal Helper Reading (1 area): Animal spirit readings use animal spirit helpers and shamanic principles to guide you in life and answer your questions. These readings can also help you understand which animal spirits are offering their support. 

Archetype Reading (Mind, Body, and Spirit): We all have archetypes in our personalities that drive our decision-making and how we deal with everyday life. This reading seeks to understand those archetypes and, in doing so, enter into a positive relationship with them that will help you instead of blocking you.

Divine Feminine Reading for Growth: These readings tap into the powers of the Divine Feminine to help those looking to expand their personal or spiritual growth and who are active in Shadow Work. These readings have a gentle and self-care approach to the energy.

Tarot Reading (1 area): Tarot cards have been used since the 17th century for guidance and divination. They offer a complete life picture of your current paths and opportunities that our blockages and choices may mask.

Vibrational Chakra Balancing: Vibrational Chakra balancing uses Tuning forks, Tibetan Singing bowls and Wah Wah tubes to bring harmony to the chakras that may be misaligned. In this healing modality, Raven will go through each chakra, and use the correct frequencies to get it back in balance.

Vibrational Reiki: This 30-minute service combines Traditional Reiki energies with Sound healing to provide overall health and balance! Vibrational Reiki can provide powerful healing and body balance if you are currently undergoing a period of stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues.