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What can crystals do for me? Crystals vibrate at a certain frequency – they also have stored energy that was deposited there by our planet thousands of years ago as they were being formed.  Holding a crystal is like holding a little piece of creation.  Inside crystals lie a quantum world of energy that doesn’t always follow the same laws we see in the larger world. With all of the energy that they hold,  they can help you meditate, relax, heal, protect, cleanse and improve your life in many other ways! We are happy to offer a wide selection of crystals at Raven Moon Emporium – so you are sure to find one that resonates with you! You can shop online for stock pieces, but if you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces, you will only find those in-store.

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What does my stone do?

Many people ask that.  If you look on any crystal healing and metaphysical sites, you will see a huge amount of information that in the end, pretty much tells you that every crystal does everything.

There are important things to note about crystals.  They are little parts of our planet, with their own energy.  Their energy will interact with your energy for unique results for each one of us.  This is why some stones may feel really good for one person while others feel “off” for another.

So with that said, what is the best way to know? Well – the fact is that forces in our planet have been hard at work for years creating these little gems!  They were created by the fires of volcanoes, the layering over time of debris, water currents or even the extreme pressures of continental plates pushing against one another.  These energies are tied into the matrix abd creation of each stone, so ultimately they are going to be dictating what energies that stone is aligned with.

So the next time you want to know the energy of a stone, instead of heading to a metaphysical site, head to wikipedia and see how that little gem was created!


So how did your stone come to life? What it underwater? Was it deep in the earth with intense pressure of a crater? Was it through a volcanic eruption? All of these things can give you a glimpse of the type of energy stored in each stone.  Your best bet to find out the type of energy your crystal contains is or Wikipedia.


Colors have an impact on the energy of a stone in that it vibrates at a certain frequency.  So whatever energies are inside of that stone, that energy will be somewhat affected by the color frequency of that stone.

  • Red, Orange, Yellow: Creativity, power, change, drive, stamina, courage, lust, purification
  • White, Light Blue, Clear: Calming, focus, Healing, Spirits
  • Black, Brown: Grounding and Protection
  • Green – Prosperity, health, abundance
  • Dark Blue – Meditation, thought, Clarity, Academics
  • Pink, white: Love, relationships, self-love
  • Purple: Calming, stress relief, psychic ability.


Another easy way to see what types of energy are in that stone is to look at what elements created them.  If they were created deep in the earth through intense heat and pressure, the primary elements are earth and fire.  If they were created near a water via hydrothermal energy, they contain water and fire.  If they were created through erosion, they contain air and so on.

  • Fire: Stones formed through fire bring passion, drive, excitement, courage
  • Water: Stones formed through water bring healing, relationships, emotions, personal development
  • Earth: Stones formed through earth bring healing, abundance, prosperity, luck, grounding
  • Air: Stones formed through air bring clarity, psychic development, thought, creativity, communication, movement



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