If we didn’t have a crisis, we would all probably have toilet paper.  So my question is, does toilet paper and purell keep you saife or is that just panic?  I wanted to share with you 3 different lists that we believe are very helpful.  One list comes from theContinue Reading

Many people ask that.  If you look on any crystal healing and metaphysical sites, you will see a huge amount of information that in the end, pretty much tells you that every crystal does everything. There are important things to note about crystals.  They are little parts of our planet,Continue Reading

This stone has had a myriad of names through the ages. Known as Script Stone, Sea Fossil Jasper, Coquina Jasper, Cobra Jasper, and Elephant Skin Jasper, to name a few! This stone is often found in India and is simply stunning to look at! Like all jaspers, it has aContinue Reading