Spice Up Your Earl Grey with 5 Herbs

Earl Grey Tea next to Earl Grey cookies

Every other day, I drop by Starbucks for a London fog (a Venti Earl Grey Latte with almond milk, vanilla, and no water, to be exact). That London Fog tastes like a sugar cookie and is my lifeblood through stressful seasons. After telling my favorite barista that I love Starbuck’s Earl Grey, she told me that Starbucks adds Lavender into their Earl Grey. I could make that combination at home! I can stop giving Starbucks all of my money and add to my spiritual practice; A win-win! In spiritual herbalism, lavender is used for communication, divination, calming, and many other uses. This spurred the question, “What else can I add to my morning tea?”.

Tea Magick

In general, Tea falls under the correspondence of Sun/Mars and Fire correspondences (according to Scott Cunningham’s Wicca in the Kitchen). Due to its caffeine content, the drinker can empower the tea to bring courage, banish boredom, and stimulate the conscious mind. Tea can be used for stamina, power, motivation, and strength rituals. 

Some people change the tea’s uses depending on the caffeine content. For example, black tea would be considered better for stimulating the mind and bringing courage because it has half of the caffeine of one cup of coffee. That’s a substantial amount of caffeine. In comparison, Green Tea could be considered useful for attracting money or clients because its caffeine increases over time to make you slowly awake without the crash of high caffeine.

How to Empower: Hold the tea bag or the leaves themselves in your hands and visualize the results of what you need it to do before brewing.

About Earl Grey

A basic Earl Grey is a China or Indian black tea with an added splash of bergamot oil. Earl Grey has a higher amount of caffeine compared to most coffee. It has half the amount compared to one cup of coffee. According to legend, this tea was a gratitude gift from a Chinese mandarin whose son was saved from drowning by Charles Grey’s men. This has proven to be untrue, but it’s always fun to dream. 

If you find that you are allergic to citrus (or detest it), you can use China Black Tea, Assam Tea, or any black tea of your choice with the herbs below.

Brew instructions: Use 8 oz of filtered water to 1 tsp of tea for 3-5 mins. Heat the water to 212F (aka to boiling).

It’s up to you how strong you like your cup of tea. Try 1 tsp of tea to 8oz of water, then adjust for your next cup. If you need more instruction, check out our Brewing Guide

How to Blend Herb with Tea

Take your herb of choice and collect 2-3 teaspoons into a mortar and pestle (or spice grinder). Break the cell wall, then add this to 1 oz of Earl Grey tea. 


The uses of an herb can change depending on your energy and your relationship with the herb. You can find its general use is found by what their planetary and elemental rulers symbolize.
Useful Correspondence to know The Planet and the Element.

Planetary Rulers:

Sun: Success, business, male energy, legal matters, and leadership

Mercury: Communication, creativity, academic matters, and new ideas

Venus: Lust, feminine power, divination, psychic ability, attraction, and Glamour

Moon: Emotional issues, healing, love, family, marital issues, grief, relationships, children, and spiritual matters.

Mars: Power, chaos, stamina, courage, strength, and battle.

Jupiter: Abundance, prosperity, career, an increase of all kinds, and fertility.

Saturn: Endings, bindings, exorcism, blockages, and banishment.

Elemental Rulers

Earth: Prosperity, abundance, money matters, employment, health, success, new projects, and fertility.

Air: Communication, creativity, legal matters, travel, academic matters, new ideas, and logical problems.

Fire: Success, power, stamina, destruction, creation, courage, motivation, male prowess, lust, intimidation, and cleansing. (Don’t add too much!)

Water: Emotional issues, healing, love, family, marital issues, grief, relationships, children, and spiritual matters.

5 Herbs to Add to Your Morning Cup of Tea:

1. Lavender Earl Grey

Correspondence: Mercury/Air

When I made my London Fog at home, Lavender Flowers are perfect for helping me communicate socially and with Spirit. I tend to sip on this tea before an outing with friends or a day full of meetings. A cup full of Lavender Earl Grey elevates my morning divination sessions.

For the Coffee Lover: You can add a pinch of lavender to your coffee grounds for the same effect and flavor.

2. Cardamom Earl Grey

Correspondence: Venus/Water

This spice good for more than just delicious Indian curry over rice. Cardamom‘s power affects relationships, emotions, and healing. This mix is perfect for drinking while you get ready for a date or while trying to build a relationship with yourself.

3. Honeysuckle Earl Grey

Correspondence: Jupiter/Earth

Jupiter is a planet of abundance, career, and increase that pairs perfectly with the element earth. Honeysuckle is a push towards success with your earthly endeavors. With a squeeze of lemon, this is a refreshing and prosperous twist on Earl Grey.

Before a job interview, I would drink this one while making a sales call or any day when you need an extra bit of luck or money. You can empower this herbal blend by burning a green chime candle next to it after mixing the honeysuckle with black tea.

4. Cinnamon Earl Grey

Correspondence: Sun/Fire

Cinnamon is a powerful, versatile spice! This fiery, passionate spice creates an environment for success, drawing money and protection. Drink this while you are working on a project or during a prosperity ritual.

Be sure to add cinnamon to the leaves of earl grey unless you want a mess on your hands. I suggest buying the cinnamon chips and mixing them into your tea leaves.

5. Earl Grey Chai

Mix in Herbal Chia to create an Earl Grey Chai. Make sure the Chai blend is one with all the spices but without the tea. These blends typically have cardamom and cinnamon but can vary depending on where you buy your Chai. Read the ingredients to make sure the blend you’re eyeing is what you want. You can read more about Chai by reading our blog post on it! 

Bonus Mix: You can add a Pumpkin Spice Blend to your leaves and milk to make a Pumpkin Spice Earl Grey latte. You could add pumpkin pie spice to coffee grounds as well for that instant fall feeling.

More than Tea

You can use these mixes to make scones, cookies, cakes, and many other creations. Lavender and Earl Grey are the most popular combination of desserts. 

Mix it up

When you need a change, mix in something new into your routine. Adding a dash of cardamom and empowering that tea for self-love has helped me create the motivation to take care of myself. If there is an herb that you don’t like, but you want the metaphysical uses of it, substitute it with an herb that has the same correspondences. Make sure that the herb is edible and doesn’t counteract any medicine you are taking. Do your research!

For example: Do you hate cardamom, even the name? Replace it with Roses, elderberries, or hibiscus flowers. Those are all herbs that correspond with Venus and Water. You can find this information by using Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs or searching for that herb in our store. We make sure to add the correspondence and metaphysical uses for each herb.

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