Everyday Cartomancy Offerings: July Practice Session
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24 Jul 07:30 PM
Until 24 Jul, 09:30 PM 2h

Everyday Cartomancy Offerings: July Practice Session

The Wyld Academy

Everyday Cartomancy: Reading Practice Session

Join us monthly for a practice session! Bring your favorite decks and get ready to swap readings between you and other members who attend. This is a great way to gain confidence in your skills and have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a practice session - not a class.  The conference room will be available for anyone who wishes to use it! I may or may not be there in person.  This is an opportunity for you to try out your decks or, if you want, practice with a new deck!

I ask that everyone be courteous to each other during this event, whether or not there will be a teacher available that day.

There are two ways to join our Everyday Cartomancy group!

  • Everyday Cartomancy is only $10/month. In addition, you will receive access to 1 monthly webinar: Card Talk!

Sign up for Everyday Cartomancy Here:

  • Wyld Witch Program Membership is only $30/month. You will receive access to our 4 subscription groups ($10 a month each - so with this program; you get 1 subscription for FREE!): Everyday Cartomancy, Monthly Ceremony Offerings, A Year and a Day, and The Witches Roundtable. You also receive a whopping 50% off any Wyld Academy Course and 30% off any Live, personal sessions with Lady Raven!

Sign up for the Wyld Witch Program Here:

I hope to see you there!