Everyday Cartomancy Offerings: Exploring Cups
In-Person Classes and Workshops
13 Jul 05:00 PM
Until 13 Jul, 05:30 PM 30m

Everyday Cartomancy Offerings: Exploring Cups

The Wyld Academy

Card Talk: Everyday Cartomancy

Join us monthly in our Cartomancy group to explore different topics to improve your reading ability and connection with your decks! Our Catomancy group also features a monthly practice session to hone your skills, learn new spreads, monthly challenges, and much more!

There are two ways to join our Everyday Cartomancy group!

  • Everyday Cartomancy is only $10/month. In addition, you will receive access to 1 monthly webinar: Card Talk!

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  • Wyld Witch Program Membership is only $30/month. In addition, you will receive access to our 4 subscription groups ($10 a month each - so with this program, you get 1 subscription for FREE!): Everyday Cartomancy, Monthly Ceremony Offerings, A Year and a Day, and The Witches Roundtable. You also receive a whopping 50% off any Wyld Academy Course and 30% off any Live, personal sessions with Lady Raven!

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I hope to see you there!

July: Exploring Cups

Having explored numbers and Pentacles in previous workshops, this month, we will explore the meaning of cups and how you can work with them with different decks!