Ancient Practices for Modern Business
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20 Apr 11:00 AM
Until 20 Apr, 04:00 PM 5h

Ancient Practices for Modern Business

place Wyld Magick Center 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 105 Rock Hill, SC 29732 expand_more

In our ancient cultures, all major decisions (personal and tribal) were brought to the Shaman, Sage, Oracle, or Seer for spiritual guidance and direction. Today, we separate those spiritual practices from business practices in a way that can take away from an intuitively led business. In our rush to grow and expand or to gain a solid foothold in our business or industry, we forget that we have time tested practices and tools from the old teachings to support and guide us.

We will come together for a day of exploration, fun and solid practices that every business owner can use for support and growth. These teachings can go hand in hand with a business plan or even help to develop one. Maybe your business plan needs to change and shift to meet new needs of your customers, these practices can give solid guidance based in ancient understandings of how all things are connected.

We will learn how to apply the teachings of the Medicine Wheel in decision making and solid intuitive connection. We will use the practice of the Shamanic Journey to meet and form relationship with the Guides who support your business. (yes, even your business has a Spirit Guide!) We will remove any energetic cords or attachments that may be holding the business back or blocking from success. You will learn how to continue these specific practices to support the growth of your dream for your business.

Cost for the workshop is $80, paid at the time of registration.

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