January Witches Roundtable: A Light in the Dark


Jan 13th, 2021 7:00 to 8:30 pm
A Witches’ roundtable is a safe and sacred space for witches to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. This is a Witchy take on a traditional Women’s Circle however this one is open to all men and women! These affirming community gatherings help you get in touch with your own inner-strength and turn up their positive vibration. With politics dividing us further every day, we need community more than ever!
This will be a monthly event via webinar, and we will meet on the first Wednesday of Every Month
– Bring your compassion and desire to support your fellow witches in the community!
– This is the perfect event to connect and empower others!
– You can join from the comfort of your own home!!
– Each session will be broken down into parts – the roundtable first, and then a second activity based on the energies and theme for the month.
~~ January Roundtable: A Light in the Dark ~~
Last year was marked by an insane amount of change and unexpected twists and turns. Some have been profoundly affected by 2020, this it may have marked a change in their lives that may take years to overcome. If you are one of those people, we stand with you, holding our support and prayers in our hearts for you. If you are lucky enough to not have been affected, chances are you probably know someone who has.
As pagans (earth magick practitioners) we understand how the energies of the entire world are interconnected. Nothing happens in a vacuum and what affects one of us, affects all of us. We feel the energy of our community deeply and we have the tools to try to give something back. Our goal is to start January 2021 with a tiny flame of hope that we hope will grow and spread throughout our community. There is such power in community!
Our Ceremony this month will be to send energy, prayers and healing to our family and community. We will not do be doing any personal work on this session – but all of our efforts and energy will be shared out to the community in the hopes that someone will be able to take advantage of it. This month we are sitting in gratitude and giving back!
Login information and supplies needed for the ceremony are posted in the classroom!
Lady Raven (White Thunder Bear) is a Witch and Third Degree High Priestess, Spiritual Herbalist, Vodouisant and Modern Day Medicine Woman. She is the HPS of the Coven of the Wyld Moon, and co-founder of the Ignis Spirae Tradition in witchcraft. She is also an Otter Dance Practitioner. She has been practicing Witchcraft for over 20 years and has had training in Shamanic practices, Reiki and voudou.
Must be 18+ to participate!