The Chakra System
Classes and Workshops
14 May 06:00 PM
Until 14 May, 09:00 PM 3h

The Chakra System

place Wyld Magick Center 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 105 Rock Hill, SC 29732 expand_more
Organized by arrow_forward_ios Raven Runyan, The Wyld Witch

The seven chakras are the main energy points in your body that run down the spine. They are a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India. They were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge dating from 1500 to 1000 BC. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

In this 4-hour class we will discuss what the chakra system is, the energetic bodies that connect with the chakras, how you can connect with your own body through the chakras, and more!

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