December Ceremony: The Power of Medicine Bags
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09 Jan 07:30 PM
Until 09 Jan, 09:00 PM 1h 30m

December Ceremony: The Power of Medicine Bags

The Wyld Academy

Spirit bags are the name that I am using to define a personal type of portable magick to enhance your power, protect, and more. Many cultures use these spirit bags by many different names. Medicine Bags, Talismans, and Mojo bags are some of the words that you probably have heard before.

A medicine bag is a small pouch for practitioners to boost their power and protect their energy. Native peoples would add bones, stones, herbs, and more to each bag. The items were generally meaningful to the practitioner in some way and represented who they were in the world.

In this ceremony, we will create a medicine bag for YOU to represent all YOU are. Most items in my bag are spiritual because 90% of my life is spiritual. I work in this field. But if you don't, think of the other non-spiritual areas of your life that are not spirit-related but still extremely important to you; be sure to bring things to represent that as well. This bag should represent all that you are!

This ceremony will be conducted live in the Wyld Academy.