Living by the Moon: The Snow Moon
In-Person Classes and Workshops
06 Feb 07:30 PM
Until 06 Feb, 08:30 PM 1h

Living by the Moon: The Snow Moon

The Wyld Community

Living by the Moon is a series from Raven where you will learn how to live by Lunar energies. By tapping into the power of the moon we are able to grant ourselves a chance to grow, take care of ourselves, and become more aligned with every lunar cycle!

During our monthly meeting, we will discuss the energies of the upcoming moon cycle. We will review what happened in the previous moon cycle and set our intentions for the new cycle.  We will discuss lessons we learned, how we grew, and how we plan to take better care of ourselves and better focus on our goals.

Each month, we meet during the 3rd Quarter Moon to discuss the energies of the next cycle. This is a great place for support and to share experiences. We hope you will join us!

Join her live on Zoom through the Wyld Community for this event!