February Chakra Balancing Journey
In-Person Classes and Workshops
12 Feb 07:30 PM
Until 12 Feb, 08:30 PM 1h

February Chakra Balancing Journey

place Wyld Magick Center 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 105 Rock Hill, SC 29732 expand_more
Organized by arrow_forward_ios Raven Runyan, The Wyld Witch

About our Chakra Clearing and Balancing Guided Meditation

Chakras are essential parts of our body that hold our thoughts, emotions, and experiences and connect all of our energetic bodies. They are like energy centers that affect how we feel and experience life. When our chakras are out of balance, it can affect our health and well-being. Balancing our chakras can improve our physical and emotional health and make us feel better overall.

This is a hybrid event.  You can choose to participate in person or over Zoom.

If you are a member of the Wyld Community, this is a FREE event for you! Please note that your live ticket will cost $0.01 due to software limitations, and you will receive that penny when you come to the event!