January Ceremony: Mojo Hand for Prosperity
In-Person Classes and Workshops
24 Jan 07:30 PM
Until 24 Jan

January Ceremony: Mojo Hand for Prosperity

The Wyld Community

This month, we are staying with a theme for empowerment and portable magick for the new year. Earlier this month, we worked on a Medicine Bag for personal empowerment. Now, we will tap into the workings of Conjure to create an authentic Mojo hand for prosperity. In particular - the prosperity we seek is financial - everyone could use extra cash!

This Ceremony will be based on traditional conjuring magick; therefore, there will be a few extra steps that you will need to complete before the Ceremony. This is your opportunity to experience a different type of magick and understand how to create this powerful portable Magick! During the Ceremony, we will discuss some of these concepts further!

This event will happen LIVE in the Wyld Community.