Drum Making Workshop With Robbie Warren
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30 Mar 11:00 AM
Until 30 Mar, 06:00 PM 7h

Drum Making Workshop With Robbie Warren

place Wyld Magick Center 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 105 Rock Hill, SC 29732 expand_more

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The Drum is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and a Spiritual Tool used for centuries by all cultures for healing and celebration. The drums are recognized as their own living entity and hold a strong tie with the Earth. To many people the drum contains thunder and lightning and when it is played it helps to connect to the rhythms of Mother Earth and contacts the spirits of their Ancestors.

The skins used for the Drums carry their own unique energy and medicine and it is important to keep those energies in mind as each Drum is created. We create each Drum in a sacred way, honoring the animal and its Spirit. We will birth our drums in community and end the day with a Shamanic Journey for the name of each drum created.


Please bring your own snacks, drinks and lunch.