Aura Photography
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16 Sep 11:00 AM
Until 16 Sep, 06:00 PM 7h

Aura Photography

place Raven Moon Emporium 2210 India Hook Road, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29732 expand_more
Organized by arrow_forward_ios Raven Moon Emporium

Come and enjoy the opportunity to experience your energetic signature in living color through the powerful perspective of Aura Photography!

Each session is $40 and approximately 20 minutes in length.  

The session includes a short pretalk about our Chakra and Aura energies, followed by a hand sensor energy scan which creates a full-color printout. We will discuss the colors, charts, and graphs from an intuitive perspective and you will also receive an email containing your scanned picture and a multi-page analysis generated by the software.

Reservations open September 12th!